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Sunday, August 5, 2018

False Flags

The whole "Russian bots/troll farms" being used to divide and conquer people, it explains a phenomenon I've been observing with the radical polarization of people.

Its far from the whole story, but it explains the narrative of the past so many years.

Why do we need to be divided?

Its funny, now that its been pointed out more directly, how many false flag conversations happened around times where key pieces of policy were discussed (don't know all the details there, but a question I intend to look into is what policy was on the table during Trudeau's India trip, was the supposed disaster a false flag?).

People are easily sidetracked.

Want people to stop talking about something? Get them talking about something else.

They won't stop talking about someone else? Light the forest on fire outside their house, describe a satellite delivery vehicle as a missile test, create a movement about police lives, constantly point out the dangers of oil spills and point out a pipeline in someone's back yard while intentionally ignoring that oil is still shipped by rail (please don't get me started on non fuel use of oil, I highly doubt our usage of it will cease, even if we stop using it as fuel), millenials killing the home cooked meal, memes taunting vegans about the lustful taste of bacon vs freashly cut lawns, the list goes on...

Surely not all of them are false flags, surely not all of them are propagated for ulterior reasons, and surely some of them are false (which one did I make up on the spot?).

False flags, even if something is very real, it can be a false flag, it just needs to distract the warrior from the spear its attached to long enough to become lodged in the warrior's body.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Everyone Should Carry a Pocket Knife

I've probably said so before, but everyone should carry a pocket knife, or at the very least have one close by. You never know when it will be useful, and if you don't have one when you need one, well...

My pocket knife isn't a multitool, its just a knife. Its getting dull enough I should consider sharpening it soon, but its not dull enough to be a danger to me.

Its perfectly legal to carry most pocket knives, unless you intend to use it as a weapon (of aggression or self defence), and there are certain classes that are illegal (any pocket knife you pick up at a major store for utility purposes will not fall into this category).

Things my knife has come in handy for so far:

Too lazy to walk 40m round trip to get a purpose built box cutter.

Fixing an issue of severely restrictive clothing.

Fixing another issue of restrictive clothing for the same person (some people...).

Cutting rubber to be used for stamping.

Peeling citrus fruit (I've also used scalpels for this).

Often times I forget I have it on me until I realize I need a blade for something.

Probably the most important reason one should carry a pocket knife is that in some situations, they can save lives.

Restrictive clothing sometimes can cause potentially fatal problems and a knife can be better than scissors in those situations.

Most severe is the situation where one individual walked in on another who was in the act of committing suicide via hanging. The individual tried to free the other, couldn't do so with bare hands, and so the individual has carried a knife ever since (in his words, every second counts).

Good reasons not to carry a pocket knife:

You intend to use it as a weapon.

You are in an altered state of consciousness or are too young for the contexts in which you are carrying one (for neurodevelopmental reasons).

Can't think of any other.

Like most things, yes, knives can be dangerous, but like all tools, the utility they provide can be invaluable when carried and used responsibly.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Income Inequality via Adjustments in Inflation and Curve of Power Provided per Dollar

My hourly rate at minimum wage, after massive amounts of adjustment for inflation, conversion between units, and working lifespan, would be something like 33,408 an hour in the "dollars" of 1400.

sooooooo... why am I getting paid 2,784 times less than I would have in 1400?

If you aren't aware of what the income inequality actually is, adjusted for relative value of purchasable goods, Bill Gates would earn $813,049,515.41 per hour.

While the certain aspects of the income inequality are certainly better than ever, the difference in absolute power between top and bottom of the ladder are more massive than has ever been possible prior to the tech advances of the past 100 years.

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Economic Value of Reusable Menstrual Products in the Poorest Nations When Fully Subsidized

So why aren't we heavily subsidizing reusable menstrual products for those who have difficulty affording disposable things (and in general)?

Think of it this way:

Well, first things first, I hate the exploitation of corporatism and oligarchy of the people, and I have a sarcastic Borderlands sense of humour, and yeah, expect some of that to come out because it does when I'm dealing with bullshit politics I hate.

If in nations where girls end up missing and having to drop out of school due to lack of hygeine products or having to balance the cost of both, wouldn't something reusable allow them to go further in education?

Who knows?

Well, another way to look at this to get an idea about whether or not this is a reasonable idea is the combination of cost per person and number needed to treat. Yes, number needed to treat is taken from medicine, but its applicable here because of what it represents (the number of girls receiving free or heavily subsidized menstrual cups and reusable pads needed to allow one girl to complete her education).

In some cases, its most definitely true that access won't allow a girl to complete education.

Let's pull a number out of my ass and say 50% of girls who would otherwise not complete their education would be able to do so. In this case, let's assume that a girl would need at minimum one menstrual cup and two resuable pads of a high enough absorbency to be viable overnight. Let's pull another number out of my ass since I don't know what commercial reusable pads cost, despite it being something I should look into for reasons not relevant to this, and say the total is ~$100. The pads may not survive the girl's lifetime, but they may last halfway through her education, so let's raise the number to $150.

Ok, so I've seen estimates suggesting that annual cost of disposables are like $100. High school education takes what, 6-10 menstruating years, so let's assume 8. That's $800 over the course of a girl's education. That's a lot of money for someone with no income. So reusables, assuming we subsidize all products, have a net cost of -$650. Damn that's cheap! It may cost the powers to be more to subsidize reusables than to force the cost on the family, so let's assume its actually just $150. So the cost per girl is $150, or something like $149, because people are assholes like that, and that dollar is... ok, let's not calculate that in super impoverished wages.

Remember number needed to treat being pulled out of my ass at 2 per high school education (50%)? So it costs $300, regardless of how you cut it, to pay for reusables to allow for one high school education.

What's a high school education worth in say, the first poor nation Google throws at me?

First link lists Congo as the poorest nation, but Kony2012 says that's risky business, so let's pick the first country I haven't got a clue as to the politics of. Niger it is (second poorest nation on first google link!! (ok, its not nice to be that poor, but whatever, fuck the oligarchy, like their closeted gay leaders playing footsies to fuck in washroom stalls and using their own methods of obtaining the not actually forbidden fruit of satisfying for people attracted to the same sex gay sex as an excuse to ban trans people from using gender appropriate washroom, seriously, they need to go fuck each other, and in a healthy way))!

$645 is one central tendancy income for the middle class of Niger, which is 96% high school educated, and this is not a number being pulled out of my ass and took waaaay too long to find. Minimum wage allows around $60 per month, also not pulled out of my ass. The assumption that everyone with a high school education can be middle class is also pulled out of my ass, so let's use 50% again.

So 100% (not over or under by a significant margin in the lay sense) of the costs to bring one girl through high school will be recouped in one month of income.

Damn those are some damning numbers. Even if you adjust downward, it will pay for itself in a single generation with conservative estimates. Those menstrual product costs are also for the American economy, and not the economy there, and can be heavily cut by providing girls the means to make reusable pads, supplies, and having someone teach them, so it becomes even more affordable!

So for the love of a god I don't believe in, why the hell aren't we doing this?

Friday, August 4, 2017

On Youtube, Blogging, and the Future

I think I'll start doing more vlogging type stuff, trying to do video content, and so on. Don't know how active I will be here, but if things go how they appear to be going, I may end up writing a lot here to ease my mind. If and when I get to doing video things, it'll be on Youtube, and when I'm more comfortable, I'll post a link to my channel.

Currently I am dealing with issues of mental and physical health. I have bipolar II with rapid cycling, BPD, and am also dealing with chronic illness. Severe anemia is a shitty thing, and nearly dying from pulmonary embolism was rather scary. I'll likely talk more about those things in the future, but for now I plan to take things at my own pace while I figure life out.

On a scarier note, I might have IBC, and I do intend to write a blog post about that at some point. Its scary knowing that this unexplained phenomenon may be cancer.

Have fun, and don't let life stress you too much (and if it is, mental health professionals can help with that).

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to Deal with Low Ballers

If someone tries to low ball you something you are selling by asking "What is the lowest you are willing to sell for?" the correct response is:

"I haven't actually thought about what I would consider the lowest reasonable asking price, but my listed asking price is what I consider the highest reasonable asking price.

"I'd like to be reasonable, and I'd like to think people are reasonable, so if you were selling the same product(s) (set), what would you consider your lowest reasonable asking price if you were in no rush to sell, since I am in no rush to sell it?"

The idea here is that you are shifting how they think about things. You are asking them to hand you a price to start negotiating from, meaning if it is too low, you can negotiate up, otherwise you can just accept it on the spot. It takes the power away from the low baller.

If you were to offer a price, they will probably try to negotiate lower, unless your price is lower than their threshold to buy without negotiation.

There's no need to screw yourself.

If you actually need to get rid of something quickly enough that low balling on your selling price is less of a concern than being rid of it, you are better off asking a reasonable medium, not negotiate with people unless they give you a reasonable offer on the first email, "sorry, price is non negotiable."

Never indicate that you want it gone, as it hands low ballers power.

If your non negotiable asking price isn't getting you a sale after a short period, drop the price a small amount. Repeat until it sells, but remember to make new ads while removing old ads.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Omnidirectional Surround Sound Recording Idea and Necessary Listening Device

When recording things, the diamond standard should be a room designed to have the exact acoustic properties for the sound you are going for.

From there, place 10 hi fidelity full spectrum mics connected to an ultra high resolution audio processing unit, where the mics are placed in the centre of the room. The mics would be placed in a two parallel patterns, each pattern representing an ear.

The structure the mics would form in their placement would be a tetragonal based pyramid, with the bases being about average ear distance apart and parallel to the dorsoventral-anteroposteral plane. The "top" of the pyramids placed in the lateral axis, pointing to their respective lateral walls.

That leaves two pairs of mics for each pyramid, and they would be placed along the dorsoventral axis and anteroposterial axis to form the base.

From there, software would process the sound coming in from all mics to create an adjusted omnidirectional sound file (omni directional relative to the listerner's head). This would provide superior quality to traditional 7+.1+ surround sound, due to the vertical axis and head adjustment being made. Additionally, a decoders would be designed to either use omnidirectional audio, or flatten it to the highest degree the output is capable of.

With the advent of USB-C, omnidirectional headphones (ear cup style) could be created to not only give audio dimensionality in the anteroposterial-lateral plane, but also the dorsoventral axis, allowing for the sound of something in any vector to be represented by capable headphones.

I'd imagine such headphones would be $500+ though, and the technology would really only work with headphones, as implementation as room filling audio system would be near impossible as the listener's position in the room would alter the perception of the vector.

The initial processing for the recording is the hard part, the rest is all encoding/decoding and support for ~20 channel audio.